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8-20-2013 "Love your selection of products and personal assistance when needed. Always enjoy my time in your store!" - Lori Ames

4-3-2014 "I really enjoyed the visit I had to the store. I've driven by it numerous times on my way to Maryland from Williamsville and decided to finally stop in. Glad I did! Love the Australian licorice." - Barry

6-13-2014 "Love your place!! We come all the time." - Lisa

6-18-2014 "Loved your store but please move bake good from front door - we couldn't even look at everything as people wanted to get in. Tks." - Kay

6-25-2014 "Love the variety of sprinkles-I make a lot of cupcakes." - Jane

6-25-2014 "Great products and prices!!!" - Aaron & Angelica Arnold

7-4-2014 "Love it!! We come every year with the kids!" - Linda

7-7-2014 "Love your store." - Diane

8-7-2014 "The Corned Beef Hash is to die for! I get it every time we come for breakfast." :-) - Carley

12-17-2014 "Always love the atmosphere, friendly service and conversations. And of course the best bulk food selection around." - Richard

1-1-2015 "Love your store. Very friendly employees. We will definitely be back. Great customer service." - Kurt

3-19-2015 "Love your store. I enjoy looking at the many items you have. Everything is very reasonable $." - Peggy

7-25-2015 "Love your store, best spices around!" - Kim Ingles

8-29-15 "Love visiting your store. Great prices and pleasant company." - Kathrine

9-24-15 "I love this place. Awesome prices and huge selections. The staff is so pleasant and helpful. I can't wait to visit again." - Sarah

10-3-15 "Favorite place to buy spices - Maria

10-13-15 "I was just visiting someone in Perry and we came in your store. Loved it." - Roseanne

10-29-2015 "love all about your store thank you" - Debi

11-5-2015 "Love the place!" - Tammy

1-8-2016 "We love spending time @ Lantz's!" - Glory

1-23-2016 "God bless you for supplying good organic foods to nourish our bodies and you always have anything I need for my baking / cooking needs. You are a true blessing! - Rebecca

2-11-2016 "Best lunches in Warsaw, hands down! Delicious food; kind, pleasant staff; a must for everybody!" - Tom

3-13-2016 "Interesting store!" - Lawrence

3-19-2016 "Like spices" - Collins

7-5-2016 "We enjoy shopping at your store very much" - Audrey

7-6-2016 "Love you guys !!!" - Sandra

7-14-2016 "Your store is wonderful" - Kathleen

7-4-2017 "I love shopping here. I have my favorite things to buy. Thank you! - Teresa

7-7-2017 "My wife, sister in law and I stopped by to have the best chicken salad sandwich, BLT and Tomato Basil soup!! We are from Danbury Ct, and make the   trip to Buffalo 2times a year. For now on your place will be our stop fro breakfast and then on the way home for lunch and good ole Amish goodies. I would love to purchase your products via UPS!!! :)" - Brian

7-15-2017 "We love your store" - Lori

4-4-2018 "Was in the store April 3 & 4 - absolutely fantastic, had a great breakfast and the employees were great to talk too. It will be a regular stop for us when at Letchworth !! - Dalton

4-16-2018 "Wonderful store and lovely people, too" - Nancy

6-4-2018 "Love your store!" - Moreen

6-22-2018 "Love this place! Great for bite for lunch. Also love their bulk candy, baking needs and Deli! Oh and fresh baked goods too! So much to offer - Hillary

6-26-2018 "Great breakfast/lunch restaurant and wonderful choice of bulk foods and fresh baked items" - Molly

7-14-2018 "Excellent selection of baking goods. Meals taste great at a reasonable price" - Eric

7-30-2018 "A must stop for the home baker, and cookie liker" - Greg

12-20-2018 "Wonderful place to find anything, but mostly very unique items that you cannot find most places" - Ami

1-5-2019 "Charming cafe with good food. The stores got an old time country feel with friendly staff. Reasonably priced goods many hard to find items" - Gail

1-24-19 "I love your store" - Sabra 

2-1-2019 "I always like seeing what different types of items I can find in the store" - Paula

2-24-2019 "We drive by Lantz's Bulk Foods every time we drive to our cottage at Silver Lake. When we do, I stop at Lantz's to buy Chocolate Covered Sunflower Seeds as well as spices. It's a great bulk foods shop" - Peggy

3-30-2019 "Great place" - Donna

6-23-2019 "Finally made the trip from Holland, NY {not that far} and had a wonderful breakfast then did some shopping. Nice people. Great service. Good value pricing. Will not be our last visit" - Craig

1-20-2020 "Lots of fun to visit" - Jean

3-31-2020 "My review is excellent I enjoy shopping at your store ..I am always in need of baking and decorating supplies other items also Thank you for being there" - Jeweldine

4-3-2020 "A great place with great products and service" - Thomas

4-28-2020 "I really enjoy stopping in and picking up many of your variety of sprinkles I bring my mom so she can stock up on them around the holidays" - Kathi 

5-8-202 "We have been coming to Lantz's for several years now, and we love the product as well as the people" - Mark

6-18-230 "You have the best food & wonderful gifts for my friends & family. Thank's for being part of Wyoming County" - Roganna

6-26-20 "I love your shop and the food , thank you" - Jennifer

7-1-2020 "We just love your baked goods" - Katie

11-28-2020 "Fantastic store" - James

12-7-2020 "We love your store" - Marcia

12-12-2020 I use to live at Silver Lake and shopped at your store a lot" - Sabra

12-13-2020 "Wonderful place to visit and purchase fresh spices" - Debbie

2-11-21 "Great variety for all my baking needs" -Richard

3-6-21 "I love coming to the store and seeing the vast variety of items you sell. Everyone is friendly and welcoming!" - Julie

3-9-21 "We visit Warsaw all spring & summer long! We love your Deli & Bulk Foods!! Looking forward to this year!!" - Lori

4-19-21 "Love this place!" - Julie

6-5-21 " I love your store.  Love to wander thru the bulk food sections." - Heidi

8-28-21 "I will definitely drive 2 hours back here just for their bagels. Also, best service!" - Basket

8-29-2021 "I love it" - Jim

10-25-2021 "We love your store" - Mark

10-30-2021 "I love the bread, cookies, cheese, and snacks. And employees are very friendly." - Pam

1-27-2022 "Enjoy shopping and eating there!" - Brenda

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